Flash MX for Interactive Simulation: How to Construct & Use Device Simulations

flashmx_for_interactive_simulation.gif 無意間發現的書,用Flash模擬算盤、手機、機器手臂等等的裝置,恩恩,有趣。書的網站在http://www.flashsim.com/,有興趣可以過去逛逛。 Flash MX for Interactive Simulation:
How to Construct & Use
Device Simulations

Jonathan Kaye, PhD
David Castillo

Published by Delmar Learning
Available November 25, 2002
538 pages; 84 illustrations;
ISBN: 1401812910
Companion CD-ROM with full source code and trial versions (for PC) of SmartDraw 6; SonicFoundry Acid, SoundForge, Vegas Video; Macromedia Flash MX.


Part I: Project Fundamentals and Planning

Ch. 1: Simulation and Flash
Ch. 2: Movie Clip Fundamentals
Ch. 3: The Process Perspective
Ch. 4: Asset Production

Part II: Simulator Architecture

Ch. 5: Object-Oriented Programming Review
Ch. 6: Simulator Architecture
Ch. 7: Describing Behavior Using Statecharts
Ch. 8: Techniques for Describing Behavior

Part III: Constructing the Elements of Simulation

Ch. 9: Introduction to Simulator Construction
Ch. 10: Flash MX Components
Ch. 11: Simple Interface Objects
Ch. 12: Non-visual Objects
Ch. 13: Advanced Interface Objects
Ch. 14: Model Layer Simulation

Part IV: Hands-on Device Construction

Ch. 15: Modeling a Robotic Arm
Ch. 16: Modeling an Analog/Digital Wristwatch
Ch. 17: Modeling a Fish Finder
Ch. 18: My First Cell Phone

Part V: Authoring Simulation-Based Instruction

Ch. 19: Performance Analysis
Ch. 20: Instructional Presentation
Ch. 21: Establishing Elemental Skills
Ch. 22: Practice and Drills
Ch. 23: Testing and Assessment

Part VI: Bringing It All Together

Ch. 24: Integrating Simulator and Presentation
Ch. 25: Data Capture and Transmission
Ch. 26: Usability Testing
Ch. 27: Case Studies


A: Flash and Simulation Web Resources

B: Quick Reference: Creating State Engines

C: Flash State Engine Implementation

D: State Engine Reference

E: Errors and Warnings Reference

F: Additional Device Design Materials



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